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Why use Stratesave for regular Backup

It is important to backup regularly not only your personal data, but also your entire system, installed programs and configurations. Many backup programs use simple VSS (Volume Snapshot Service) mode to create a snapshot. Stratesave uses VSS advanced mode, which works in cooperation with the installed programs (writers). VSS writers are selectable with Stratesave. Windows System, SQL Server and other installed programs contribute to the snapshot for most precise snapshot generation and later backup. Stratesave also backs up NTFS specialities, Links, Security, Streams, Reparse points etc. Together this enables you fully restore your system in case of a disk crash or other failure.

The Stratesave differential backup feature for System State keeps the daily or weekly backups small, and still System can be recovered to most recent state when disaster strikes. Differential backups can also be stacked. For example, make a full backup every year, differential backup which base on the full backup every month, and daily or weekly differential backup which base on the latest monthly backup and are kept small.

How to prepare for Disaster Recovery

For Windows 7, Vista and 2008 Server Disaster Recovery, a prepared Windows PE 2.0 DVD is required, or the freely availabe Vista PE. It is good to have a PE DVD ready anyway, because you can boot from it and access your files even if your system does not boot. For remote disaster recovery of Windows 7,Vista+2008, VistaPE is required, because the Server Service is not included with Windows PE. From PE you can partion and format your drive, then fully restore from Stratesave Backup.

For Disaster Recovery of Windows 2003 and XP, you can use the ASR procedure with prepared floppy, or use the freely available BartPE CD to start Stratesave.

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