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Stratesave Autoloader Agent
Stratesave Autoloader Agent enables Stratesave to backup with tape autoloaders/media changers. When Stratesave needs a tape during backup or restore, instead of showing a dialog asking to put the tape into drive manually, it passes the request to the autoloader, which then moves the tape from defined storage slot to the tape drive. When Stratesave no longer needs the tape, it ranges it back to its slot.
Stratesave Autoloader Agent supports the Windows Removable Storage Manager (RSM). Tape mount requests are passed to the RSM through the RSM API. For systems where RSM is not running, Stratesave provides an alternate method, accessing SCSI autoloaders directly.
The Autoloader Agent is built within Stratesave and is not a extra software. It is included with all Stratesave versions.

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